Day 20/100-100 Days of Portraits - Nina

Day 20/100 Nina My sweet gentle aunt. Who came into my life when I was about 5. She tells the story that when she was dating my uncle Robin that I said that I liked her better than Uncle Robin's other girl friend ROFL.. out of the mouth of babes.

  Some of my earliest memories of my aunt Nina are when my cousin, Dana was a baby.  They lived just down the road from us and I was fascinated with my new baby cousin.  I loved going over to visit them.  When my Uncle Robin and Aunt Nina moved away to Shelby, NC I remember going to stay with them and playing with my younger cousins. 
   There are so many memories of spending holiday's at my grandparents in Thomasville, NC.  All the excitement of seeing my cousins, aunts and uncles made for many happy memories of my childhood.

  I wish I lived closer to my aunt and could talk to every day.  We now live thousands of miles/km away.  I live here in Australia, and my aunt lives in North Carolina, USA.  I still keep in touch with Nina via Facebook and see my cousin's families grow up via posts on Facebook.   It is easier to keep in touch now that we have so many online options to talk to each other.
  I drew this sketch of Nina from a photo one of her children posted on Facebook. It is how I remember her.   I have really enjoyed doing the portraits of people who influenced my life.  I have to say, the influence Nina had in my life was always one of love.  Every time I visited her, I could feel the love she had for her family. She lives for her children and grandchildren.  Her love for them is so strong it is almost tangible.  Each time I talk to her on the phone, I feel that kindness and love. 

  I want to do a painting of Nina some time soon.  Maybe as part of this 100 Day Project, I will plan to do a painting.