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Day 70, Day 71 The 100 Day Project, Jacinta

   Jacinta is my eldest granddaughter.  There are more boys in our family than girls.  After having 2 boys and all the other family members having mostly boys, I was so excited when I realised I was the grandmother of my first grand daughter.  My son and his wife kept it a secret till the day Jacinta was born.  I was so excited.    Jacinta is a quiet, caring, sensitive young girl.  She loves helping her mother with the cooking and often cooks snacks for her siblings.  Jacinta is her baby sister's favorite sibling and the two of them are constant companions.  It is so cute to see how much the two sisters love each other and to see Jacinta spending time with her youngest sister.   Jacinta is also a very keen artist.  She is still young but she has shown an interest in art and other creative crafts since  she was young.  Jacinta is keen to learn how to sew, cook and do art.  Before COVID-19 Jacinta would go to my children's creative art classes with me.  It is fun to see Jacinta&#

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