Exploring Portraits through Drawing, Mixed Media and Painting, Warratahstree's 100 Days of Portraits

   April 7, 2020 I started The 100 Day Project. It is a project by creatives that runs each year.  It is a great way to explore new techniques, write a book, write a blog, or just explore use the 100 days to explore your creativity.

  This year I decided to explore portraits of the people who have influenced my life.  My plan is to use these protraits to tell my story.  I plan to draw, paint and experiment with mixed media to create portraits of these people that have come into my life from my childhood through to now.  It has now been 34 days since I started The 100DayProject.  I have not told all the stories and not worked through my blog in a sequential day by day of the work I have been working.  Some days I draw, paint, or some days I work through my reference materials to create a plan for the next portrait.

  I have 3 goals that I want to achieve through this project.  One is to tell the stories of each of the people who have influenced my life and how they influenced me by telling these stories in my blog. The second is to learn how to improve my skills in doing portrait drawing and painting.  The third is to explore mixed media techniques in portrait works of art. 

  I hope to tell each story of the portraits and what I have learned in the process of creating the artworks. You can find out more about my work on my Instagram at Warratahstree Instagram