Day 36, 54, Warratahstree's 100 Days of Portraits - Diane

Day36/100, and Day 54/100. Still working through The 100 Day Project.  My goal is to explore drawing and painting portraits of the people who have influenced my life.  Diane and I want to one day enter in the Archibald Prize. It is a portrait prize awarded  to the best portrait, of someone in art, letters, science or politics. Not the goal to win, but my goal is to be accepted one day. 
  I wanted to get a good drawing of Diane first, then take that drawing and create a painting of Diane.  Diane is an artist friend of mine and we both decided to do to do a "live" sitting with Diane but due to COVID-19 restrictions here, we decided to do a sitting via Zoom. 

Day 36, of The 100 Day Project.  Is the drawing from the first sitting with Diane. 

Day 54, of The 100 Day Project. Is the second sitting with Diane.  I was so blown away seeing the difference in the two drawings.  The goal at the start of the project was to learn more about drawing portraits and to improve my skills.  After drawing this  I posted the image to Instagram and another artist friend mentioned they recognised the image.  Unbeknownst to me I did not know the two artist friends knew each other.  It was a compliment that the artist friend recognised Diane in the drawing.

Diane's Story
  I met Diane through an online Artist mentoring program by Matt Tommy.  It is an international group and I put up a post asking if there were other Australian artists in the group. Diane posted and said she would lived in the same state and city area. We got to know each other and meet for coffee often. We have a lot of common backgrounds.  Diane introduced me to other Christian artists in our area and a group of artist that meet in the area.
  We also went together to artist workshops through the Grampians Arts.  It was the first Summer Brushes workshops in Jan 2020.  We both had a great time, catching up with other artists at the Summer Brushes 2020.  It was great  spending each afternoon talking about our classes and what we were learning.  We are really keen to go to Brushes Grampians in September this year but COVID-19 has changed a lot of things and no one knows if it will go ahead or be postponed this year. 

  It has been great to have another artist with similar interests to bounce ideas off and to do art with.  Diane has been a great artist friend.  I am grateful to her for introducing me to other artists that have similar art interests.