Day 62, Day 63 The 100 Day Project - Birthday Girl Phoebe

Phoebe is grandchild number 4 and grand daughter number 2.  She is our cheeky, loving, fun, adventurous grand daughter.  I chose this pose of Phoebe, from a photo of her.  It is so representative of her fun loving, cheeky personality. 

  Phoebe had her 8th birthday recently.  Since the day she was born Phoebe has been so full of adventure and fun.  We go camping a lot as a family and each time we get to a new camping place, Phoebe has a new "best friend" within 10 min.  She will seek out all the kids in our area and come back with a new friend.   All the grandchildren will spend much of our camping trips playing with the children Phoebe befriends on our camping trips.  Phoebe cares for each one of her new friends and will cry sometimes when the time comes for the camp to end or the friends leave before we do. 

  Not only is Phoebe a friend to all the children she meets.  Phoebe is very smart!  During the early COVID-19 restrictions, Phoebe and her siblings were doing their school work from home.  Their mother was supervising and Phoebe had a desk next to her mother.   Even with her mother sitting right there supervising the school work, Phoebe managed to change the language of all her online school work.  When her mother pointed this out, her response was she did not need to read the words as she knew what all the menu's did anyway.  Phoebe had memorised all the instructions and which menus did what on her online school learning system.

  I look forward to watching Phoebe grow up and become the best person she can be.  Who knows the person she will be.  What she will accomplish in her life.  What ever it is, I am sure it will be with compassion for the people in her life, adventure and passion for everything she sets out to do.

  I have only drawn some of my grandchildren for my 100 Day Project goals. I hope to do more of them as they have all had a major influence in my life. Their presence in my life have given me the most joy.  I treasure each day they are a part of my life. 

Till Next Time, Happy Creating