Day 61 The 100 Day Project - Daphne My Mother In Law Story

   I met Daphne the first day I arrived in Adelaide, Australia. My husband was in the Australian Navy and he was sailing across the ocean from Seattle, Washington in the USA to Sydney Australia.  We had married the year before and he was returning to his home country.  I had never been to Australia and was migrating there along with my young 4 year old son, Phillip.   Australia was my new home.  I arrived in a new country to meet a family I didn't know.
  Daphne had never met me, yet she offered to take me in for the 6 weeks it was going to take Richard, my husband to get back to Sydney, Australia.  Daphne and John, my husbands dad were such nice kind and hospitable people.  That first 6 weeks they showed me around, Adelaide , South Australia and introduced me to all my new Australian family.

  I was new to the culture, the food and a family of people I did not know at all. Yet, Daphne and John took me in like they had known me all their life.  I felt so blessed to have in laws like Daphne and John.
  One of my fondest memories of Daphne was when she came to stay in Sydney with Phillip and I when I gave birth to my son Scott.  I had a C-section with Scott and was not going to be able to drive for a few weeks.  Richard was going to be at sea and I had no other family in Australia.  So Daphne and John came to stay with me to help me with Phillip and Scott.  She was so helpful and so caring while she was there.   

  There are so many other memories of family gatherings and holiday events.  Daphne was always so hospitable and caring to her family.  I could not have asked for a better mother in law.

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